Paul Grobler and Lumpy -Chiawa Camp - Zambia ( By G. Cumings)

Breakfast at Chiawa Camp with a friend ( Lumpy )

-From Expert Africa website revies – CHIAWA CAMP
The Sand Martins from Oxfordshire
Arrived on: 27-Sep-2015

Chiawa is a very luxurious camp, with the highest standards. It offers a wide range of activities on land and on the river, including canoeing and sunsetcruises. We had two memorable walks with Paul Grobler: he is an outstanding walking guide,a true naturalist whose breadth of knowledge of the natural world is awe-inspiring.

-Article in Conde Nast Treveller Magazine about Chiawa Camp and Paul Grobler as head guide

  • Travel and Leisure Magazine Article about Paul Grobler Guiding (Peter J Lindberg )
  • Africa Exclusive Travel Agent website link                 http://www
  • Reviews for Chiawa Camp on Trip advisor – Extracts

clearfieldtoothpullr                                                                                                             July 2016

We arrived late in the day and immediately they had us off on a evening safari ride- and often it is quite a ride-especially if your guide is Paul as not only does this guy know everything there is to know and more but his driving skills are crazy good – in a hold on to your seat and enjoy the ride good. We saw lions , leopards and more during our first outing. And the 4 days we stayed were amazing. We went canoeing, boating, hiking and of cause numerous range rover excursions both day and evening, and saw a lot of animals

                                                                                                                                                                   October 2014 Nette08 

The staff are first class and extremely knowledgeable, Paul took us on our first walk there – his passion and knowledge for all matters wildlife is just astonishing.
We did a couple of incredible canoe trips which were just so wonderfully chilled and relaxing.

                                                                                                                                                                                         October 2014 Tiki81

Chiawa is one of, if not the best safari camp I have been to in Africa. My guide; Paul was extremely knowledgeable and explained potentially complicated things in a way that was easy to understand. I am a keen birder and the walk we did was one of my best experiences while on safari. In addition to the superb guiding the food was delicious

 July 2014 Keith Hart – Guest 

As a large animal vet, I thoroughly enjoyed my discussions with Paul about things African. His experience, knowledge and willingness to share with others was outstanding, and his 3 hour game walk was not to be missed. Paul went to some trouble to research my question on the structure of hippo stomachs (it was a vet thing), so I can honestly say that none of my many questions did not receive an answer.
I would be very happy to go back to Chiawa, and I know my wife would be too.

June 2014 Bertrand Maire  – Chiawa Camp Guest

We particularly want to thank Joel for sharing with us his beliefs and passion about singing, for encouraging Beata to sing with him and the choir on our last evening; Paul for the unforgettable moments spent on day and night drive, bush walks or canoe trips, for reassuring Beata on her first bush walk (yes you did it!), for scaring this big hippo off (remember?), and for being such a great guide.

May 2013 – A Girolami – Chiawa Guest 

Last but not least, Chiawa is incredible for its people. From the bubbly SA couple who manages it, to the caring Joshua and then the great guides, featuring Zimbabwean wild life expert Paul who gives you the most comprehensive and passionate nature class ever- you can spend hours with him and never get bored, wish I’d had a biology teacher like him at school!

October 2012 Fred G – Guest at Chiawa Camp 

The camp provides so many activities to choose from — we experienced fishing, a canoe trip, a sunset pontoon ride, and game drives and walks. Doing a morning walk with experienced guide Paul was really a highlight of our trip. He has vast knowledge and makes even the smallest details interesting. We had to zigzag our path to avoid the many elephants in the area, and then came across a sleeping lion. Although Paul warned us that the lion would either run away or charge at us, we nevertheless felt safe because of his expertise (and the armed ranger walking with us.) After watching our small group, the lion chose to run away.

August 2012 alsifred –  Guest at Chiawa Camp 

The guides we had were generally very good and we especially enjoyed Spencer and Paul. The safari drives were comfortable, with just us on the vehicle, and we saw a lot of varied life.

July 2012 – Pia D – Guest at Chiawa Camp

Paul, our fantastic and immensely knowledgable guide, gave us a magic canoe trip gliding crocs among, hippos, myriads of birds,baboons..All at your own level. We also had great game signtings on his drives through varied and superb landscapes.

July 2012 – Lindsay B – Guest at Chiawa Camp

The game drives were equally excellent, including regular encounters with elephants, hippos, water buck, buffalo, etc. and capped off with an amazing night siting of male and female leopards. A special thank you to Spencer for his tenacious leopard tracking,to Boaz for a day of lion tracking that brought us oh so close and to Paul for a memorable night drive and astronomy lesson.

 September 2011- 1doc – Guest Chiawa Camp

Chiawa is our favorite.
Fine staff, excellent guide Paul, and outstanding variety
of experiences the big plus: walks, canoeing, motor boating, fishing, safari vehicle drives.


August 2011 – Stella29_10 – Guest at Chiawa Camp

Best guide in the whole Zambia is Paul – go on a walking safari with him: you’ll surely remember it!

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