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A walking safari anywhere in Africa is a must do experience . You may have spent many hours in a vehicle looking for the amazing diversity of animals, birds and vegetation etc and this is an integral part of the overall experience of an African Safari . Not until you have been walking through the bush on the ground and seen things from this level can you fully appreciate how the various organisms interact with each other and support the larger animals etc . A walking safari fills in the gaps that you cant experience from a vehicle .

Paul Grobler Safari Guide

Paul Grobler Safari Guide

Paul Grobler Zambezi River Canoeing and Guiding

Paul Grobler Zambezi River Canoeing and Guiding

Mushroom walk through Mukuvisi Woodlands , Harare , Zimbabwe February 2014

Today l signed up for a guided walk about wild mushrooms . The walk was conducted by Cathy Sharp , who is a mycologist living in Zimbabwe and has been studying mushrooms all her life . I was looking forward to this as there…

Article about Zambia safaris and Paul Grobler guiding

Article about Zambia safaris and Paul Grobler guiding Good article in USA travel publication  ‘ Travel+leisure ‘ about Zambia safaris and my ( Paul Grobler ) guiding

Walking with Paul : Fork -tailed Drongo – one of the most intelligent birds in the African bush ?

One of my favourite birds to see when out walking in the bush is a rather conspicuous little black bird called the fork-tailed drongo . The plumage is entirely black and the eye is the colour of red wine , closer inspection reveals a…

Walking with Paul – The Praying Mantis

When you are out walking in the African bush , you might be forgiven for mistaking that dry grass coloured stick for a piece of dead plant . Approach it closer and the prayer like attitude of its huge raptorial forelegs begins to unfold…

Walking with Paul – The Dwarf Mongoose

On a walking safari through the African bush, you might notice an old termite mound with many holes in it . These holes are quite often utilised by Africa’s smallest carnivore , the Dwarf mongoose ( Helogale parvula) . They weigh in at between…