JULY 2015


July 1 2015 at Chiawa Camp



This is an image of the Southern Skies above Chaiwa Camp , southern Zambia in early July 2015 .( Courtesy of Starry Night Pro software )


The image shows a highlighted Centuar , with the wolf facing his spear on the left and the scorpion to the left of the wolf . In the bottom left of the image is Saggitarius , the Archer , with Corona Australis , the southern crown to his right . Above the scorpion and left is Ophiuchus . The top right corner shows Hydra , the water serpent ( above the tail is Corvus , the Crow , then the Crater and right of that the Sextans . The bottom right hand corner portrays part of the great ship Argos which consists of four constellations, Vela ( The sail ), Carina ( The Keel ) , Pyxis ( the Compass ) and Puppis ( The Poop Deck ) .




Southern Sky guide July 2014 ( Starry NIght Pro image )

The above image is from July 2014 at Chiawa Camp and represents the typical winter night sky around the Southern Cross .Click on image to enlarge .

(Credit – Starry Night Pro software )

The winter sky in Southern Africa is amazing with countless interesting things to observe  .

Full moon this month will fall on the 12th July .

The moon will be at its closest position to the earth (perigree) on 13th July at 358 300km ,

and will be at its furthest point for the month ( apogee ) on 28th July at 406 600 km .

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