Paul Grobler – Professional Safari Guide

Paul Grobler bush walk Zambezi Valley 1 (E .Miroglio )

PAUL GROBLER – Professional Safari Guide 

Having grown up in the Hwange area of western  Zimbabwe, my playground was the surrounding bush . This set the scene from a very early age for my passion in life – Africa and its wildlife , plants , landscapes , peoples and places .

23 Years later l still work in the wilds of Africa and pursue my dreams on a daily basis .

I have been involved in animal capture and translocation for eight years in both Zimbabwe and South Africa . During this time l experienced animal behaviour up close and personal which gave me an important insight into how various species of wildlife behave . This is particularly relevant when leading walking safaris through the African bush as that little bit of insight can mean the difference between chaos and a wonderful experience . My animal  capture career  turned into a full time safari guiding career after erratic forays into hunting (which didnt appeal to me ). I decided to return home to   Zimbabwe from  South Africa  , having been born and mostly raised in Zim  . The Zimbabwean professional guide training system is still today considered the finest in  Africa and l was keen to achieve this accolade . My full time guiding carrier started with Canoeing Safaris on the mighty Zambezi River from Kariba town down to the border of Mozambique . This was a 9 day trip or sections thereof which made me the Zambezi River guide that l am today .

After a few years of being on the river full-time l decided that l needed to diversify my activities and interests which is when l was invited to Ruckomechi camp on the western boundary of the Mana Pools National Park , at this time the jewel of the Zimbabwe safari circuit and consistently one of the top safari camps and experiences in Zimbabwe . This gave me a fantastic insight into what a top operation should be and has held me in good stead for my guiding career ever since .

The collapse of tourism in Zimbabwe precipitated a move down to the South East Lowveld of Zimbabwe where l managed and guided a hunting /photographic lodge  in the Save Valley Conservancy called Sango Lodge. This is a piece of heaven that is still one of my favourite areas to this day .The fabulous concentration of wildlife and diversity of habitats on this private estate are worth a visit by any safari-goer , but my passion lay with the Zambezi River up on the northern border of Zimbabwe . Having made many enquiries , l discovered that there was an opening at Chiawa Camp , which is on the Zambian side of the Zambezi River  in the Lower Zambezi National Park . This 4000km square park is a gem which l never knew existed  as a functional park , so l applied and started working at Chiawa Camp in 2005 , today almost 10 years later l am still the Head Guide there and every day is still as special as when l began here . The diversity of activities that you can do on the Zambezi River and inland make sure that every day is an adventure here . These include canoeing the river , walking safaris , game drives , river boat cruises , fishing for tiger fish or the large vundu catfish and combinations of all these activities in a camp that has received international recognition as being the best safari property in Africa 2011 and was awarded the best safari guiding team in Africa in 2008 , this camp continues to get nominated for these top awards .

Whatever you are interested in doing on safari l have the passion and skills to make it happen .

This is a page on the Africa Exclusive travel agency website about my activities

Banded ironstone formation up the Chowa River towards the Zambian  escarpment , Zambezi River
Sundowners in Lower Zambezi National Park with Paul Grobler ( Pic from Crisney Lane )
Sundowners in Lower Zambezi National Park with Paul Grobler ( Pic by C. Lane )
Watching lions in the Lower Zambezi National Park with Paul Grobler 2013
Watching Lions in the Lower Zambezi National Park 2013 (Pic by W  Kapomba  )

6 thoughts on “Paul Grobler – Professional Safari Guide

  1. I trophy hunted on a 10-day safari with Paul and Steve Grobler in April 1974. Are you the same outfitters?

    1. Hi Lewis , l am a different clan from Paul Grobler , also from Zimbabwe , but l never actually met them . He is a well known hunter . I do photographic safaris that are private guided , if you need someone to llok after the family while you are hunting , let me know . Thanks for reading my blog . Regards . Paul

    1. Hi Peter , thanks for reading my blog .We dont give out specific locations of rhino due to the seriousness of the poaching situation at this time . This picture was taken in South Africa is all l can say . We were not on foot it was actually on a game drive so we managed to get quite close without it being too disturbed . I have approached black rhino in foot in Matusadona National Park and the south east of Zimbabwe , it is quite an intense , adrenalin filled experience . Their eyesight is extremely poor and they are usually found in quite thick cover which makes it more exciting .

  2. How’s it Paul,really enjoyed your blog. Its been years but I hope you manage to see this comment. Im currently doing a LPH coursce and I plan to become a Professial Guide. I too am not keen on killing animals. Is there anyway I can contact you? Im in need of advice and im hoping you can answer a few of my questions pertaining to becoming a Professor Guide. Thanks

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